The Hive Butler

One thing I've learned throughout my years of beekeeping is that there is always something on which to spend money.  I've learned that the sure way to make a small fortune in beekeeping is to start with a large fortune.  Based on that truth, I've learned to put a lot of thought into my equipment purchases.  One rule I have is that, as much as possible, whatever I purchase needs to be usable throughout every season.  It has to add value to my operation.  I hate storing hive components or gadgets for the whole season only to take it out of the shed for just a few days then put it back to be stored again taking up valuable space and doing nothing to contribute to my beekeeping business goals.  The Hive Butler is a tool which passes my tests of necessity , application and added value. 

I was fortunate enough to share a space as a vendor at the Michigan Beekeepers Association Spring Conference with Rachael Pielemeier, one of the representatives and inventors of The Hive Butler.  I spent 2 days listening over and over as she demonstrated all of the unique and thought filled features that her mom, the lead inventor of The Hive Butler, incorporated into this highly functional and versatile piece of essential beekeeping equipment.  I watched as they nearly sold out of all of their inventory because people loved it!

It is the new way to store, transport and manage your beehive frames.  More still, it will be in my truck throughout the entire bee season.  Its frame securing interior will hold up to ten frames as I collect swarms.  It's both light, and spacious for accommodating a large cluster of bees being shaken from a tree branch.  The ventilated lid ensures that my newly caught swarms will be kept safe and not suffocate or overheat.  The plastic ribs within the Hive Butler's walls secure the frames thus allowing the bees to settle down on comb to be safely transferred into their new hive and become another valuable part of my sustainable apiary.

In the bee yard The Hive Butler will be placed right by every hive I'm inspecting.  No longer will my frames be set in the grass or leaning against the next hive over.  Frames will be secured in the correct order.  When I spot the queen on a frame, that frame will be secured in The Hive Butler, safely keeping the queen protected throughout the remainder of the hive inspection.

I haven't even gotten to my uses for The Hive Butler as I cut colonies out of people's homes, or how The Hive Butler functions as an Uncapping Tank for processing and bottling honey.  If you would like to read more on its functions as an uncapping tank, check it out in April 2020 edition of Bee Culture Magazine!

Hopefully you too are beginning to see some of the many uses for this essential beekeeping tool.  Let me also mention that it is produced right here in the USA and is made of high quality, food grade plastic.  Check out The Hive Butler at Here at Local Buzz Bees and Honey and get a look at it in action.  Or, find the demo on YouTube.  Watch my website this upcoming season as I add pics and videos of myself demonstrating and applying the many functions of The Hive Butler.  And when you're ready to buy your own, you can find them right here at Local Buzz Bees & Honey!


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