Five Frame Medium Nucs - Available April 28-30

Five Frame Medium Nucs - Available April 28-30

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Due to some unclaimed Nucs, we have a few left over and ready for pickup between now and the morning of April 30.

These Pennsylvania nucs are made up of bees which are selected for their winter survivability, varroa mite resistance, honey production and temperament.  They are not bred for a pedigree and are most accurately labeled as "mutts".  That said, they primarily express traits akin to the Italian strain of honeybees. These nucs overwinter partially in Florida (Dec-Mar) and are bred with winter survivor stock from Pennsylvania.  One thing that makes these bees outstanding is that the queens are bred by the same operation and are raised with the nucs as opposed to just being dropped into an early spring split.  Each nuc is raised for months as a stand alone nuc.  Thus, queen acceptance is already firmly established and strong laying patterns are the test for each nuc before it is ready for sale. 

Being partnered with the same nuc producer for years is no coincidence.  They have consistently produced powerful nucs which are ready to burst with bees once the customer gets them to their new home.   We stand behind each nuc with confidence that it has all of the components necessary for a strong hive to not only survive but to thrive!

Local Buzz will take back your nuc in exchange for another if you are dissatisfied in any way.