After wanting to start keeping bees but always waiting too late in the season to get up and going, I finally took the plunge in the early Spring of 2011 and purchased my first two bee hives.  

Through many ups and downs, successes and multiple failures, I plodded though my first couple of seasons.  After losing both of my hives, most likely to varroa mites, I decided that I would only purchase bees one more time.  If I couldn't learn to keep my bees alive and have a sustainable apiary, I was going to sell off my equipment and quit.  That winter I committed myself to learn everything I possibly could about keeping bees strong and healthy.  I learned how to make my own splits and raise my own queens.  With a head full of knowledge I entered the following season feeling confident and competent.  Although I still made many mistakes and had many challenges, I managed to have what I considered a successful season!  From there, I continued to build a foundation and never looked back!  

One of my greatest lessons learned was that starting in beekeeping can be a very lonely endeavor.  It is of utmost importance to surround one's self with more experienced beekeepers who can advise and guide one along the way.

I joined the Ann Arbor Backyard Beekeepers Club and quickly made friends and networked with other beekeepers who were very influential.  After years of growth, acquiring knowledge and mentoring others, I became the Lead Instructor for the club's bee school.  I have gradually grown my business through selling Honey, Package Bees and Nucs.

I'm happy to say that this year I was awarded District 2  Beekeeper of the Year!  I have also become the District 2 Representative.  (My mom is very proud of me.)

When I'm not tending my own hives I am often consulting and advising others who are on a similar path pursuing the art of beekeeping.

Thank you for visiting the Local Buzz Bees & Honey website. We are located in Livonia, Michigan and have apiaries in Livonia and South Lyon.  We also have backyard hives throughout Detroit City and Metro Detroit.  Our hives are made up predominantly of Apis mellifera ligustica (The Italian Honeybee).  They are known for their docile nature, hardiness and abilities for high honey production.