Terms and Conditions

Purchasing package bees is one of several ways to obtain your bees.  Understanding the overall process of the package bee industry will give you a clearer understanding of what to expect and how to manage your bees upon receiving them.  The apiaries from which they come are state inspected for disease and overall bee health.  The primary purpose of these inspections is to ensure the health of the honeybee in North America.  However, these inspections also serve the purpose of providing a disease-free and healthy honeybee package for you.

That said, the process of packaging, queen introduction and hive introduction is still not nature’s design.  Thus sometimes, bee packages do not thrive as the beekeeper would hope for.  This can be due in part to the mating and acceptance of the queen, weather conditions and beekeeper error.  Local Buzz Bees & Honey provides the transportation from the apiary to you.  Although we are happy to help however we can, we do not warranty your bees nor guarantee their or your success once you have received them.   Please ensure that you have thoroughly educated yourself about keeping bees long before you receive your packages.  You owe it to the bees.


No deposits or partial payments will be taken.  Orders are to be paid in full upon placement.  Please note that bees sell out quickly and sales are on a first come first served basis.  Those wishing to purchase after all orders have been filled will be selected in order from the waiting list.


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