Installing Your Bees on Sunny Days

It seems logical that a bright, warm, sunny day provides the best conditions for installing your bees. Here's something to think about though.  It stands to reason that your bees would prefer a bright, warm and sunny day because those make up the best conditions for bees to be active and fly.  However, if you think about what you want your bees to do once removed from their packages, it is definitely not to begin flying.  You want your bees to hunker down in their new location.  You want them to continue on their path to accepting the queen and making your hive their home.  I think installing your bees on a day when there is a light rain or the threat of rain, is a great time.  Cooler temperatures will also benefit you in getting them to settle in.  Of course, if the lows are going to be in the thirties, I suggest keeping them indoors in their packages for another day if it appears that the weather will improve.

Timing can be a factor as well.  Installing them in the late afternoon works well because the bees also have a keen awareness of time.  They know that night time is coming and they need to settle in.  Whereas, installing them in the morning gives them all day to possibly make a run for it in search of a different place to live.  

So, don't be discouraged if you see rain in the forecast for Tuesday.  Waiting until Wednesday afternoon might just be the best time all around for installing your new packages.

These are just my thoughts and opinions.  Feel free to install your bees however you see fit.

We will see you on Tuesday!