Join a Beekeeping School

Starting out as a beekeeper can be intimidating to say the least!  You've just signed up to care for about 60,000 stinging insects!  You've watched a ton of YouTube videos and you've read a book or two.  Still, you have never actually gotten your hands into a honeybee hive and all you want to do is get your bees through the season without killing them!  You have invested hundreds into this endeavor and you may already be feeling the pressure to not mess up!
The truth of the matter is, everyone makes mistakes in beekeeping.  There is so much to learn and things are changing week-by-week along with the seasonal weather.                                                    Joining a bee keeping school is a great way to stay ahead of the curve by being part of a class and a community focused on learning about how to keep bees strong and healthy.  In the Ann Arbor Backyard Beekeepers (A2B2) Bee School, we will help you get started then progress through your first season of beekeeping.  We will cover everything from purchasing and assembling your equipment to closing them up for winter.
 For now our classes are on Zoom until we can meet outdoors.  We have both class sessions and hands-on training in our bee yard.   Our first session was February 7 on Zoom.  It's not too late to join as you can still access the first session to get yourself all caught up.  In our first session we covered some basic education plus discussed the best equipment choices.
The basic layout of the school is as follows:
  • Monthly Meetings February-October
  • Build Day:  Tools, glue and instruction provided
  • Extra Zoom sessions for Q&A
  • Hands-On teaching in the club bee yard at Matthei Botanical Gardens beginning in May.
To enroll just click HERE.