Let's Talk Bees!

Hey Everyone,
First of all we would like to say thank you for purchasing your bees through Local Buzz Bees & Honey. We appreciate our customers and want to serve them as well as possible!
Many of you are seasoned beekeepers who have purchased bees from Local Buzz before.  Others of you may be purchasing your bees from us for the very first time.  As a way to help serve you better, I will be hosting a few Zoom sessions between now and when you pick up your bees.  In these sessions you can meet me, ask any questions you may have and I will also provide a free lesson on beekeeping!  The goal is to give you the strongest possible start to help you have the most success with your bees. 
We will cover various topics like, The Breeds of Bees, Installing Your Bees, Providing Strong Starts, and Managing Varroa Mites.
Please join me at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, February 24 or our first Zoom session.
See you then!